For us pop culture fanatics, these are truly the best of times and the worst of times. With so many movies, books, TV shows, streaming platform options, Drag Race seasons, celebrity cats, etc., it’s impossible to keep up. 15 podcasts were born in the time it took you to get to this sentence. No wonder we are all exhausted and overwhelmed.

I have always been known for my database-like knowledge of pop culture. Some of my favorite childhood reading included the entire glossy-paged magazine section of TV Guide on a weekly basis. No other 12-year-old consumed as many articles about Evening Shade and Picket Fences as I did. But, I was determined to know ALL THE SHOWS.

It’s no longer possible to keep up at that rate, but that’s OK. I am here to help. I don’t think of myself as a critic--in fact, I am quite the opposite. I tend to approach popular art with unbridled joy and enthusiasm, like a Golden Retriever with a MoviePass. If you love to lose your damn mind with glee over the latest Star Wars trailer or do a deep-dive examination of the lyrics to the newest Miley Cyrus song, I’m your gal. I’m here to celebrate pop culture and its never-ending bounty of much-needed distraction.

I plan to share a mix of pop culture-related stories, recommendations, and personal insights. I promise you I won’t bombard your inbox more than once a month. I will, however, consistently badger you to start watching Succession already.

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